Doubtful Heart…#66


The world stops, time stands still, the
Universe becomes a vacuum, the heart
Pounds for release. Life is unkind;
Memories explosive. Emptiness,
Emotions surface into an unyielding mind.
The search for happiness is a story untold,
Bearable by barricading heart and soul.
Seek a reason to unlock loves door, sealed
Shut so many years before.
Why does love come so easily to have people?
Toss it away, for some it never comes to stay.
The mind tells the one left behind that they will
Survive, love will come, and love will thrive.
The heart behind the wall is always trying to
Escape; waiting to be found. The world stopped,
Time stood still, the universe becomes a vacuum
And the heart begins to pound.
Yet, if you can remember only one unforgettable
Time, sometimes love has no reason or rhyme. The
Clouds part, familiar stirring begins; you tell yourself
To be patient doubtful heart.



Thank you for your patience…

I have been gone for a while, my WordPress site shut down so to speak. It would not allow me to write post. After many emails back and forth with WordPress, I believe that the problem has been resolved. I hope this will not happen again. Again thanks for your patience I will post soon. E.

The Journey – Friday – Day 18,2019

Wonderful simplicities are a means to keep the soul alive. I continue to exist year after year, as the heart continues on the journey to where it belongs. Attend to life’s garden reach for impossible dreams. I ask that my mind seek what it envisions, look beyond all of the tomorrows. I try to drink in the aromas of life hoping it will bring back memories that blossomed in life’s garden. Maybe I was too simple, as I do not believe that it kept my soul alive, it died with my child. Am I to forgive her being taken from me?







The Year was 1939…

I am preoccupied these days on my beginning, and happenings the year that I was born. Franklin D. Roosevelt was President and John N. Garner, Vice President. The year is 1939. Roosevelt, a Democrat, won four presidential elections and became a central figure in world events during the first half of the 20th century. World War II dominated his third and fourth terms. He is often rated by scholars as one of the three greatest U.S. presidents, along with George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Garner, known among his contemporaries as “Cactus Jack”, was an American Democratic politician and lawyer from Texas.

My parents did not own a radio, nor did they read current newspapers, they were sharecroppers, the fields were their life. Neither had the opportunity to receive an education above the sixth-grade, yet both were highly intelligent. They were too busy tending to the cotton fields to keep up with current politics. I do not remember either talking about local, state, country or world affairs. In fact they did not talk. Communication in my childhood or teens were nil, I talk to school friends, neighbors later in life, but not at home. The words spoken by my parents were those needed to run a farm that belonged to someone else.

Germany invaded Poland, renounces pact with England and concluded a 10-year non-aggression pact with U.S.S.R. World War II begins. Roosevelt submits a $1,319-million dollar defense budget, proclaims U.S. neutrality and declares limited emergency. U.S. Department of Agriculture starts a food stamp program in Rochester, N.Y., the program ended in 1943.

All of these things happen before I was old enough to understand. However, a bit of information that I learned in school was that Roosevelt when social security begin, he put in a clause that allowed the government to use the money in the social security fund to be use if necessary. This clause was never removed, this is the reason President Bush was allowed to spend money put into the fund by those paying in to social security to pay for his war. Many call this an entitlement, it is not an entitlement it is the money given to the government to save for future retiree’s. It should not be touch by anyone other than those collecting on their savings throughout the years.

On the trivia side of things, in 1939 a first-class postage stamp could be purchased for 3 cents.

Robert Kane introduced the Batman cartoon. I was never fond of Batman cartoons, books or the current movies.

When I became an adult, Gone with the Wind was a favorite movie, the year 1939 is when it premieres and will gross $192 million, making it one of the most profitable films of all time. It was also one of the longest clocking in at almost four hours, including the intermission.

Have a wonderful weekend to everyone. This weekend will be my families Christmas as I was too sick to celebrate. Tonight is our Christmas Eve and tomorrow everyone will gather to celebrate Christmas and continue to enjoy the season. I do wish on this precious holiday that everyone could be as happy, understanding and forgiving as they are on Christmas. Alas, I am afraid that wish will never come true. Again, Happy New Year everyone. E.



Good Bye 2018 – Hello 2019…

Good Bye 2018 – Hello 2019

The government shutdown is a way to hold hostage American citizens, and those who are in the process of becoming citizens. All because president Trump wants that “Wall”, he has crossed his arms, his features like a spoiled child and is pouting until he gets his way. Isn’t this what spoiled children do, act out until they get their way. Riches do not make someone great; it is their actions, their morality, and their ability to be truthful and loyal. This president has riches only; he does not possess morality, truthfulness or loyalty, nor decent actions. He is so absorbed in getting his way that he cannot see his role as Commander and Chief of this country.

Happy New Year…

I know that 2018 was filled with challenges for me, both physical and mentally. I sailed into the New Year finally free of the issues that put me in the hospital. The health issues, the ones that I face in 2019 will stay with me forever, bad knees, etc…that comes with age. Nonetheless, the family is celebrating Christmas this coming Saturday the 5th. Finally, everyone is feeling well.

The year is new and we all will invest ourselves into the coming days. We may get some things right and some things wrong, the coming days may be filled with uncertainty. Try to embrace each day, each challenge with determination, and have the faith that you will succeed. I wish for the economy to bring you prosperity in the days to come, good health, and wisdom in meeting all of your challenges in 2019.




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An Addition to Old Age is not for a Sissy…

Good morning, everyone…, this will be my last post until after Christmas.  Unfortunately, I have had a relapse from the pneumonia.  No, hospital this time, but bed rest!  I simply must get better before the jolly old man with the white beard arrives.  I wish all of you a blessed Holiday.  Be good, Santa is watching.

Some treasures of mine…

Remembering Mason


Are You Afraid…

There is a gateway leading to a city of doom, through it is another sphere of everlasting pain, emotionally and bodily. Those at the entrance walks freely knowing there is tragedy beyond the gate. There is fear, secret things, distrust and lies.

The darkness is the most evil, a blood red moon framed by the many stars hanging in the blackness. Cries claims the night, souls in the depths of hell are lost forever in the darkness beyond the tomb.

Is there hope in death, will memories go beyond the stars, will those souls left behind be remembered. Souls shedding their tears of blood; give credibility to the wailing of fate. Time is lost on those who question the love of God as the ground can be felt sinking senselessly before moving toward that dreadful shore. Are you afraid?