Good Bye 2018 – Hello 2019…

Good Bye 2018 – Hello 2019

The government shutdown is a way to hold hostage American citizens, and those who are in the process of becoming citizens. All because president Trump wants that “Wall”, he has crossed his arms, his features like a spoiled child and is pouting until he gets his way. Isn’t this what spoiled children do, act out until they get their way. Riches do not make someone great; it is their actions, their morality, and their ability to be truthful and loyal. This president has riches only; he does not possess morality, truthfulness or loyalty, nor decent actions. He is so absorbed in getting his way that he cannot see his role as Commander and Chief of this country.

Happy New Year…

I know that 2018 was filled with challenges for me, both physical and mentally. I sailed into the New Year finally free of the issues that put me in the hospital. The health issues, the ones that I face in 2019 will stay with me forever, bad knees, etc…that comes with age. Nonetheless, the family is celebrating Christmas this coming Saturday the 5th. Finally, everyone is feeling well.

The year is new and we all will invest ourselves into the coming days. We may get some things right and some things wrong, the coming days may be filled with uncertainty. Try to embrace each day, each challenge with determination, and have the faith that you will succeed. I wish for the economy to bring you prosperity in the days to come, good health, and wisdom in meeting all of your challenges in 2019.




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