The Year was 1939…

I am preoccupied these days on my beginning, and happenings the year that I was born. Franklin D. Roosevelt was President and John N. Garner, Vice President. The year is 1939. Roosevelt, a Democrat, won four presidential elections and became a central figure in world events during the first half of the 20th century. World War II dominated his third and fourth terms. He is often rated by scholars as one of the three greatest U.S. presidents, along with George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Garner, known among his contemporaries as “Cactus Jack”, was an American Democratic politician and lawyer from Texas.

My parents did not own a radio, nor did they read current newspapers, they were sharecroppers, the fields were their life. Neither had the opportunity to receive an education above the sixth-grade, yet both were highly intelligent. They were too busy tending to the cotton fields to keep up with current politics. I do not remember either talking about local, state, country or world affairs. In fact they did not talk. Communication in my childhood or teens were nil, I talk to school friends, neighbors later in life, but not at home. The words spoken by my parents were those needed to run a farm that belonged to someone else.

Germany invaded Poland, renounces pact with England and concluded a 10-year non-aggression pact with U.S.S.R. World War II begins. Roosevelt submits a $1,319-million dollar defense budget, proclaims U.S. neutrality and declares limited emergency. U.S. Department of Agriculture starts a food stamp program in Rochester, N.Y., the program ended in 1943.

All of these things happen before I was old enough to understand. However, a bit of information that I learned in school was that Roosevelt when social security begin, he put in a clause that allowed the government to use the money in the social security fund to be use if necessary. This clause was never removed, this is the reason President Bush was allowed to spend money put into the fund by those paying in to social security to pay for his war. Many call this an entitlement, it is not an entitlement it is the money given to the government to save for future retiree’s. It should not be touch by anyone other than those collecting on their savings throughout the years.

On the trivia side of things, in 1939 a first-class postage stamp could be purchased for 3 cents.

Robert Kane introduced the Batman cartoon. I was never fond of Batman cartoons, books or the current movies.

When I became an adult, Gone with the Wind was a favorite movie, the year 1939 is when it premieres and will gross $192 million, making it one of the most profitable films of all time. It was also one of the longest clocking in at almost four hours, including the intermission.

Have a wonderful weekend to everyone. This weekend will be my families Christmas as I was too sick to celebrate. Tonight is our Christmas Eve and tomorrow everyone will gather to celebrate Christmas and continue to enjoy the season. I do wish on this precious holiday that everyone could be as happy, understanding and forgiving as they are on Christmas. Alas, I am afraid that wish will never come true. Again, Happy New Year everyone. E.




8 thoughts on “The Year was 1939…

  1. I wish you an excellent year and I’m glad you got to celebrate Christmas again, a bit later but still. My mother was always happy to recall how they got a sandwich during the intermission when she went to see Gone with the Wind in the local (Slovenian, then Yugoslavia) cinema. It is a favourite of hers.

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