A Clandestine Life…

A Clandestine Life…
A silhouette in the darkness walking away, a human being that believes love exists. The fear of parting hangs heavily in the air. A clandestine life revealed and dies!



AUTHOR’S NOTE: I wrote a short story about two people who lived within the secrecy of an affair. She believed that love did exist one must only search for it. He lived with the fear of being caught. She found that what she thought was love was only the need to be loved not pure physical love. He was caught and ended the affair, as pastor of a local church he lost more than secret love, his secret life exposed; he took his own life. The story died as well and all that was left was the words written in “A Clandestine Life”. My question, should I finish the story, is the idea believable?



5 thoughts on “A Clandestine Life…

  1. I do believe the idea is believable as similar things happens in real life. The suicide isn’t so common
    in these situations but depression and loss of priesthood and trust.
    As to the woman it sounds like she is more unreal in her dreams of the affair. Well, I don’t know as it is only by reading your story we will know.

    Good luck though.


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