Yellow_dog_in_grass-1170x878    Buttercup



Many years ago, when my memory first came to be
I guess I was about three. I was alone all day while
Daddy worked in the cotton fields leaving long before
the sun came up; it was just me and a big old yellow
dog who watched out for me that everyone called

Daddy said that she wandered up one day about half
starved and she never left our yard. I had a sister, who
was about nine, but she was never around she and my
mother was gone all the time.

I overheard mama saying one day that my sister was the
only child that she ever wanted or even had; I did not care
I had daddy so my life was not that bad.

I would eat cold biscuits every morning left on the old wood
stove then sit on our back porch wondering where I could go.
I did not need anyone to take care of me – I had that old
yellow dog you see.

She and I played in the fields under the hot southern sun I
would hang on to her and away we would run. Sometimes
we would walk in the woods around the mountaintop where
we lived. I had better care from that old yellow dog than
most humans could give.

Life was not easy for me with no one to care still “Buttercup”
was always there. Soon it came time for me to go to school
Buttercup and daddy would watch as the bus drove away,
They would both be waiting for me at the end of each day.

The years went by quickly when one day only daddy stood by
the road with his head bowed down there were tears in his eyes
as he stared at the ground.

Later as my own tears fell upon that soft mound of red dirt I
looked toward Heaven and told Buttercup to keep watching for
me, “You’ll look up one day old girl and there I will be”.




4 thoughts on “Buttercup…

  1. Elisabeth, your poem is so beautiful and I would have to be without any emotive powers not to
    be touched to the core by this testemony to the dog and at the same time showing a girl so lonely,
    yet not lonely. She had Buttercup and her Dad.

    Thank you for sharing such a deep story


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