Realm of Peace…

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Elizabeth Ann Johnson-Murphree


Realm of Peace…

In the far recesses of your mind, have you ever given thought to “Who am I”? I know that I have been a daughter, a sister, a mother, grand and great-grandmother, wife, friend and held management positions in the work force. Now, I consider myself an artist and writer. All of my identities, everything that I have been and who I am now, still I ask myself “Who am I”?

If I don’t really know who I am, how can I know if I have wasted many years searching? Much of life’s suffering is because people do not know who they are, their true self. Have I met the goals that I set for myself in my life, or did I set any? Will I ever discover my true self? In the winter of my life is it important for me to continue my search, have I truly experienced a spiritual awakening?

I am certain that we are pawns in life on some level. We care for people; family, friends and many of us live a life of boring labor/jobs. Do moments of our memories reveal beauty and grace, is chaos written into the crevices of our face? Are our lives painful as we remember, as life rewinds, unfolding, sadly were we born into a different time? In our weakness, do we hide behind the veil of truth that we are miserable, lost, waiting for an Angel to bring happiness and wealth into our lives?

Do the voices inside our heads penetrate the unhappiness that we may have suffered through bad times? Are our memories like waves beating upon the shore line and does it pass quickly, memories like the sand returning to the sea? Between the swirls of time I ask myself, “Who am I”, if I defeat the ache of disappointments will this miserable burden I carry go away? Does this anguished world possess my soul? Nonetheless, I am human and I try to look past the ruse of my own life and rise to carry myself into a peaceful realm of tomorrow.



AUTHOR’S NOTE: Who am I, what is my identity? If memories are the base line in my understanding who I am, then I must continue to search. I do know that I am a unique and complex individual who continues on a journey, and even though I must question my own thoughts, I want to continue on this unknown path into the winter of my life.



15 thoughts on “Realm of Peace…

  1. Hi Elizabeth, I did quite relate to your last phrase/verse, as I keep writing my poems, searching for what I may still be able to do in life, but all the time, I’m not sure of what I’m trying to do or achieve……..

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  2. Hi Elizabeth. Thank you so much for the visit and follow. I trust your search at least affords the excitement of anticipation even if not the ultimate comfort of discovery. For me I’m not one to dwell on my internal epitaph but prefer to take the moment and wring it dry. But I’m enjoying the thoughts you have as you hunt yourself down.

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  3. Nobody was ever able to completely answer the questions you are asking. We are many different faces of us at different ages, at different situations, and probably the most important thing is to keep our integrity intact and follow our principles, observe our moral code regardless of circumstances.
    I just went through a terrible period with all kinds of disasters. I am visiting in Latvia right now, and even the trip turned out to be a test since they lost my luggage for the first time in many years I am flying back and force and across the ocean.
    Well, I believe it takes a lot of internal energy to keep going sometimes, yet, it is not always we have our energetic levels high.
    Learning is rewarding, I have done it for many decades dealing with complex medical research and writing, but art is everything for me: cure, shelter, treatment, peace, relaxation, satisfaction and discovery.

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  4. An enjoyably interesting post. I feel as if I have spent most of my life trying to be someone I wasn’t as a child. Now I am retired I am trying not to be the person I was throughout my working life. I am trying out all sorts of different casual jobs and hobbies in an attempt to find what I really want out of my remaining years and envy those who are truly happy in their skins.

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  5. Elizabeth, thank you for following my blog. I spent a good portion of my life figuring out who I am and then it occurred to me it’s not who I am, it’s what I want to do with myself that matters.

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