Misery’s Problems…

Misery’s Problems…

Misery has sent many souls to Hell. Those there have condemned themselves; a mournful cry comes from their place of unrest. They cry for what they wanted in life and did not get, they could not be satisfied with what they had, misery prevailed. They have helped destroy the earth.

In the beginning there was cold, unceasing and relentless rain, there seem to be a mutation of the earth as the decades went forward with minds unchanged. Days were heavy with hail, turbid waters mixed with cold winds and snow, a blazing fiery had a tight hold on the waters that covered the earth, and still many humans could not see the doom and darkness.

Their souls are rotting, the soil of the earth is foul, above them the ravens swarm in and out of an acid sky, beast roams fallow grounds. Each of those in misery fell to the ground gathering handfuls of soil casting it into the hollows of the earth. They now know that gluttonous greed will bring rancid air and their belly’s growl like the beast of the night with hunger.

There are many who tried to save Earth, they toiled in the dead ground and prayed for blessings, they watch the writhing shadows of desolation, it was too late. Everyone hungry, cold, uncomforted, everyone will die for the mistakes of few. The waters both salty and fresh began to dry, cracks became vast and deep. The land was soft and filled with bugs and worms. The air clogged their lungs they cried and they prayed, it was too late. Those who did not believe that one day we would destroy the Earth now became sinful spirits living irrevocable doom.

There are those that believed that the earth was being destroyed, there are those who tried to find a resolve for these worldwide conditions. To those that did not believe the earth was dying, living in great pain. Warnings from the sinners were no more than strange words, there is no way that we can reach perfection on earth, and it is too late. It is not too late to resolve misery’s problems, we must cease our downward path and heal mother Earth.


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