The Tapestry of Life…

The Tapestry of Life

The individual self is an actor, life the stage; we are masters of our emotions capable of expressing self-assurance, joy and rage. There is a hidden self, living deep within the forest of life, one preferred not to show, the image of strength and confidence choosing to expose.

It is during the times of valleys and peaks, darkness and fear; wearing a mask, a masquerade keeping emotions hidden in the forest of the soul within sight and near. The landscape of ourselves guides us to better places, and the silent strong self that transforms outward faces.

To believe in aspirations and make lives worth living; it is within the landscape of strong confident selves that allows us to dream. We perform in our world upon the stage of life the perfect impressionist; yet it is when we change the landscape of our lives we find true happiness.





AUTHOR’S NOTE: This piece is about stripping away the outer layers of ourselves, and it is then that we open to the world the real person beneath the layers of fear, discontent, helplessness and many others. Then we can regain our power to live.




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