Good Saturday Afternoon to all…

Good Saturday Afternoon to all…

On a more personal note today, I have not slept very well for over a week; last night I was determined to get “sleep”. I went to bed my usual time, 2 AM. I woke at 9 AM. I fed my four-legged son Mason and returned to my bed. I woke at 3 PM, my “sleep potion” worked! I have now forgotten what combination I took. Woke up with clear head, my problem is that I may not sleep again for several days. Yet, I did get lots of sleep.

I woke with Mason looking desperately for his stuffed Yellow Dog. It always commanded (by Mason) a place on my bed as well as Mr. Squirrel. After two or three years of play, a ragged Yellow Dog disappeared. Mason did not realize it until today. Mr. Squirrel and Yellow Dog were always on the bed. Mason came into the living room with Mr. Squirrel, running back and forth; I finally went into the bedroom only to find him digging up the covers. I knew instantly that he was looking for Yellow Dog.

IMG_0536.jpg                                                              Mason Murphree
I now have one “ticked” off little dog. He want leave me along; he sits by me and stares. Yes, I lie to him saying I do not know where the Yellow Dog is…

I tossed it in the garbage. It has been over a month and he has not noticed until today. Now he looks at me like,
“I don’t have any thumbs, so I cannot open the trash door, it has to be you!”


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