Good Bye 2018 – Hello 2019…

Good Bye 2018 – Hello 2019

The government shutdown is a way to hold hostage American citizens, and those who are in the process of becoming citizens. All because president Trump wants that “Wall”, he has crossed his arms, his features like a spoiled child and is pouting until he gets his way. Isn’t this what spoiled children do, act out until they get their way. Riches do not make someone great; it is their actions, their morality, and their ability to be truthful and loyal. This president has riches only; he does not possess morality, truthfulness or loyalty, nor decent actions. He is so absorbed in getting his way that he cannot see his role as Commander and Chief of this country.

Happy New Year…

I know that 2018 was filled with challenges for me, both physical and mentally. I sailed into the New Year finally free of the issues that put me in the hospital. The health issues, the ones that I face in 2019 will stay with me forever, bad knees, etc…that comes with age. Nonetheless, the family is celebrating Christmas this coming Saturday the 5th. Finally, everyone is feeling well.

The year is new and we all will invest ourselves into the coming days. We may get some things right and some things wrong, the coming days may be filled with uncertainty. Try to embrace each day, each challenge with determination, and have the faith that you will succeed. I wish for the economy to bring you prosperity in the days to come, good health, and wisdom in meeting all of your challenges in 2019.




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An Addition to Old Age is not for a Sissy…

Good morning, everyone…, this will be my last post until after Christmas.  Unfortunately, I have had a relapse from the pneumonia.  No, hospital this time, but bed rest!  I simply must get better before the jolly old man with the white beard arrives.  I wish all of you a blessed Holiday.  Be good, Santa is watching.

Some treasures of mine…

Remembering Mason


Yes, it is true; old age is not for sissies.

I believe that I read this phrase somewhere recently.   I now know it to be true.  It all begin for me in 2015 (76) when I suddenly found myself in “heart surgery”, I bounce back quickly.  Quick enough to tour D.C. that summer.  I continued to write a few hours every day.

Yes, it is true; old age is not for sissies.

I hid from “old age” in 2016 (77), I thought, no surgery… but managed to bust both knees in separate incidents.  I found that I would not bounce back so quickly this time.  The knees slowed down my daily six-mile walks.   I continued to write a few hours every day.

Again, I thought that I had dodged the bullet in 2017 (78), or so I thought.  In the Fall, I had a stroke, after nine days in the hospital and two weeks in a rehab center I was allow to go home.  No outwardly, signs of a stroke, no speech problems remain, yet it stole me of my energy.   Now, I was able to walk a few blocks a day, with a cane.  Through all of this, I held stubbornly to continue my exercising, be mindful of pitfalls and continued to writing every day.

Throughout 2018 (79), I have not been as healthy as I would like to be, but stayed out of the hospital, or so I thought. I continue to walk and write each day.  I believe that writing kept me going, no, I know it did.  I read every day, with the use of my new eyes after surgery in the summer, both eyes.  However, this does not require a hospital stay. 

Then, on December 5, I came down with what could only be termed a death sentence.  Pneumonia.  I fought it on the home front, my first mistake.  On the seventh day, my granddaughter Elizabeth came in to find me quiet ill.  I slowly went from normal daily activities to sitting, to staying in bed, energy sapped. 

I do not remember all of that day, December 11, but my granddaughter took me to the hospital where I was diagnosed with Strep, Strep pneumonia, Corona virus and five other viruses that I cannot even name.  My body was attacked.  I fought my way back and home where I am currently recouping.  The energy has left and I hope will return soon, its Christmas!  I walk a bit each day, to raise my energy level.  It is difficult as the residue of the sickness remains.  The one mainstay in my life all these years has been my writing.  This is my first attempt to post or write anything, I will use my Dragon until the energy comes back. 

I have beautiful children and grandchildren that have watched over me like mother hens, all of them.  Without them and the support from my beautiful Southern sister, I may have not survived.

Now, I do know this, OLD AGE IS NOT FOR SISSIES! I have not yet, benched this soon to be “80” years young.

Happy Holidays all of you wonderful followers and may the New Year be fruitful and filled with newfound dreams.  I hope to be on the mend and back in 2019.


The Certainties of Life…

The Certainties of Life…

Life is an uncertain race where most people do no more than run in place,
there can be happiness, sadness, and around every corner a surprise; yet
hope blooms.  Life is what one must create within their allotted space, or
sit on the sidelines and wait leaving their journey to fate.

Life is not all joy floating upon the winds of time; there are rights and wrongs;
and unknown quandaries, setbacks, and living means moving forward.   Life
quickly passes, fair and cloudy days, laughter and tears, and then the warmth
of the sun subsides ones fears. 

Life may mean walking in the valleys of despair until fate starts an upward
climb, living with happiness, or grief; always trust the heart and mind.  Life
lived in harmony with others, loving, caring and expectations met; seeds of
livelihood sown, repentance locked away for God to judge; we strive and labor
as time passes on. 


The Chickasaw…

4.MAKA-Earth Family

Elizabeth Ann Johnson-Murphree’s

Freedom’s Family  –  10X12 Watercolor

So, from the book Bird by Bird and in the words of Anne Lamott, I have completed the “Shitty First Draft” of The Chickasaw (Working Title). My knowledge of the history of my family spans five generations. Fosee “Hawk” Overton, born into the Western Alabama Chickasaw Tribe in 1821 and his wife Sipsee Cotton Wood Tree of the same tribe; Sipsee was born the same year as Hawk. These are my great-great grandmother and great-great-grandfather; they were both on the Trail of Tears. My great-grandmother Sipsee and Hawk’ daughter and only child told their story many times before she passed away, and the only thing she ask of me was too simply “Always Remember.”

The Chickasaw has been ten-years in the making, research, notes, hours of pulling everything together, outlines, storyboards, mega index cards later; I have my very own “Shitty First Drift”. The margins are filled with possible changes and words wearing a yellow coat of highlights’. This is where I call cutting out the garbage phase and moving on to something that may actually make sense. Enjoy your weekend everyone, I will be cutting out garbage!



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Are You Afraid…

There is a gateway leading to a city of doom, through it is another sphere of everlasting pain, emotionally and bodily. Those at the entrance walks freely knowing there is tragedy beyond the gate. There is fear, secret things, distrust and lies.

The darkness is the most evil, a blood red moon framed by the many stars hanging in the blackness. Cries claims the night, souls in the depths of hell are lost forever in the darkness beyond the tomb.

Is there hope in death, will memories go beyond the stars, will those souls left behind be remembered. Souls shedding their tears of blood; give credibility to the wailing of fate. Time is lost on those who question the love of God as the ground can be felt sinking senselessly before moving toward that dreadful shore. Are you afraid?



Bleeding Soul…

rusted soul


Bleeding Soul…
This country is hopelessly in a black hole of decay, the politician’s journey with a thief, filling his belly with the souls of good men and women. My heart feels that it is not safe with these slums of the earth, today’s politicians. The rusted soul of a politician makes my blood boil. Warring for decency has filled my heart with ammunition, prayer.