Rubble of Yesterday…

Days gone by…

I have set aside promises I made to myself in my youth; my hopes and dreams have become dim memories. I gaze through the window of my future and I see tombstones of yesterday’s promises; all covered with reminiscent vine. I weep for the uncertainty of my future and the dreams I left behind. These ambiguous days is where I start my last journey, climb the mountains of my memories while trying to forget the rubble of yesterday. I ask myself, if I could turn back the hands of time would I follow the same path; of course, I would!







2 thoughts on “Rubble of Yesterday…

  1. Beautifully written ElisabethAnn, I do wonder though if some memories don’t stand out and shine.
    Decisions made you lived with and followed your path, maybe as most, not to a straight line.
    I look at the impressive array of books you written. Where they in your youthful dreams? 😊


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