The Chickasaw…

4.MAKA-Earth Family

Elizabeth Ann Johnson-Murphree’s

Freedom’s Family  –  10X12 Watercolor

So, from the book Bird by Bird and in the words of Anne Lamott, I have completed the “Shitty First Draft” of The Chickasaw (Working Title). My knowledge of the history of my family spans five generations. Fosee “Hawk” Overton, born into the Western Alabama Chickasaw Tribe in 1821 and his wife Sipsee Cotton Wood Tree of the same tribe; Sipsee was born the same year as Hawk. These are my great-great grandmother and great-great-grandfather; they were both on the Trail of Tears. My great-grandmother Sipsee and Hawk’ daughter and only child told their story many times before she passed away, and the only thing she ask of me was too simply “Always Remember.”

The Chickasaw has been ten-years in the making, research, notes, hours of pulling everything together, outlines, storyboards, mega index cards later; I have my very own “Shitty First Drift”. The margins are filled with possible changes and words wearing a yellow coat of highlights’. This is where I call cutting out the garbage phase and moving on to something that may actually make sense. Enjoy your weekend everyone, I will be cutting out garbage!



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