Grandpa’s Jug…


Grandpa’s Jug…
On a cold southern night, reading under the covers by a “coal oil” light, grandpa’s
piano and laughter ringing in my ears. Serenading grandma both had a bit too much “cheer”. I laughed so hard I pulled up the tail of my flour sack gown to dry my happy tears; Ma could not hear me I had nothing to fear.  Suddenly there was the smell of smoke; Ma came in giving my covered shoulders a poke. It does not matter to me she exclaimed, you may want to get out of bed before you go up in flames. Through the burnt hole in my quilt I could see, smokes rising through it like a wilderness Tepee. Grandpa tossed a bucket of water at me from the door; it missed the bed and hit the floor.  Grandpa jerked the quilt off the bed, folded It ever so gently and pristine, then through
It out my window that had no screen. My aunt walked in laughed so hard she peed,
Then said to the others, “Don’t yell at her; be happy that she likes to read. I thought I was in trouble, and then everyone begins to laugh. Drying her tears grandma said, “Well, it isn’t as if she’s committed a crime”. She will remember this night for a very long time. It was then…I ran to the outhouse thankful for their “cheer” with the help of a little Old jug of “moonshine”.




AUTHOR’S NOTE:  Southern born and breed keeps this tiny bit of fictional poetry close to reality.  It was thought of and written quickly.  It gave me a chuckle as the moonshine, the laughter, a small child staying with her grandparents; are long ago memories.









2 thoughts on “Grandpa’s Jug…

  1. Your story is quite magical and its impact on me this sheer morning feels like reading a saga.
    I feel the great warmth between your grandparents and your happiness.
    The fire now, that was on the toasty side but your grandfathers calm saved the day. 💕 .


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