Today is the Day…


9.Landscape #101


Today is the Day…

Today was the day, the day the light died, today is the winter of my life that has come to visit me. The remembrances of childhood, when the suns shafts filled every corner of my world. Today is one of many days that I could hear clearly the song of life. Time after time, I have felt reborn again, the rain fell gently on my face, and I felt renewed.

Today is the day that hands did not touch time, there are no ages to search, and I am by the sea, embedded with its salt and want no more than sleep. I am one single thing, one single movement, uniform in every way floating through the silent seasons.

Today is the first day of the center of my life; solitude fills me with both gratitude and agony. Songbirds soar letting their talents settle upon my soul, there is no longer any struggle to survive. The trials and tribulations of living have already been forgotten, I wait on the shore with an easy heart. Today is the day to remember, each hour destined only for me, and it waits with implacable sweetness like a flower in bloom. Yes, today is the day to rest and reflect on the goodness of time instead of the dire memories of time.




AUTHOR’S NOTE: Aristotle






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