Fear or Greed…


Fear or Greed…
Evidence clear about an unwanted Soul, upon conception the vessel sheltering it wanted to cast it away, fear or greed. One life could not see a future; starvation did not kill the seed, fear or greed.

Why did the tiny Soul survive, destiny or fate; it survived a life without love never held by the one that should have loved her; their heart filled with hate. The new Soul born within a life of oppression from the moment of birth; scared and burdened with emotional wounds throughout its journey on earth.

All of its tomorrows’ found the Soul’s path long and steep; it searched a lifetime to find out why the insane anger ran so deep. Truth in its abandonment never found; this abused Soul tried to remember that sanity and sorrow are closely bound.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: There may be no one to love you but you!  Love thyself and do not waste time on what might have been and was not.



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