The Beast has no fears, no tears…


The Beast has no fears, no tears…
The deep voice foul and inflamed cast its disgusting face toward the gentle and the brave. Some said do not listen to the lusting rage of the golden haired Beast who wants to be called King. He scorns the Justice of God; the Beast rages on day and night, it never recoils. Many minds quickly became splintered fissures, torn by the evil of this Beast; these people, their minds seized could see no guilt in the actions of the beast, nor those who encouraged his deceit.
Greed gives power to those who listen to the Beast with its insatiability to rule and those who praise its vices; they become fully surrendered to blindness. The darkness that the Beast spreads across the land called doom; it is a mockery of what the people once knew. Does no one oppose this creature from Hell? No, they soon become weary souls lost within the claws of its contamination. The Beast is spreading a life of splendor, all the while depriving many souls of truth.
This Beast is a serpent, those who follow in its path become deaf to its words, and he claims to be godlike. It dwells above human law, as people walk a dark, narrow and steep path to build his greatness, his followers will struggle in slime while the Beast spreads its rage. The air that once smelled sweet now nothing more than a stench of a murky swamp, most choking on the wrath that one must endure to please and promote the Beast who is untouchable in the highest of places looking down upon its own created filth.
The Beast has no tears or fears, damned are those who praise its glory, damned are those who wallow in its kingdom feeling the gnashing of its teeth. It is the wailing, deplorable and unceasing, that will be heard over what was once the land of greatness and plenty. Laughter can be heard within the walls of those who served him. The gentle Savior will come and the Beast will turn its head away. There will be fear and anguish, people will see the heat of his messages go cold, the beast will fall before the people, and it will have no words. It will walk into hell unhindered and descend upon the path trembling, his time over, his voice stilled by the gentle people.


AUTHOR’S NOTE: The Beast with golden hair wants to rule the world it is the people, all people that must open their eyes and see the filth that spews from his mouth, lies. It is not God who can save the people, it is their free will and they must save themselves.




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