Making yourself live without contact with others, you are doomed. Like the flowers of summer without human contact, the soul may cease to bloom.  Time and stillness may be an important need; to reject sharing life with others, may be the greatest form of greed. Purpose has its seasons, life follows a well-planned path; your journey has a reason.

Clearing the mind and restoring the spirit will smooth any rutted road; listen, there is a plan of how your life should unfold. You may be on the right path today; the journey may seem rough, the essence and energy of your spirit will find the true way.

Gratefulness, awareness and God’s grace is woven within the fabric of your being for a reason. Devote today to discovering your true self create your own season.


AUTHOR’S NOTE: The seasons vary significantly in characteristics, and can prompt changes in the world around them.   When will your time, your season, change you?




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